December 31, 2013

The Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Class Starts Now!

My new pattern class called The Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival is a 12 month journey based on The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt book.
You can join anytime...beginning with Class One and each class is $8.50/month

Each class offers cutting and piecing instructions for roughly 10 Farmer's Wife blocks each month using MODERN quilting methods.  Yes...MODERN! 

12 months offering 111 quilt blocks and includes putting it all together. No hand piecing and very very few templates used. 

Here's a snapshot example

The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt book will be needed.

In addition to the cutting and piecing instructions, I include many 'time saving' quilting methods as well as thoughts and techniques for precision piecing and much more. The goal is not only to finish this amazing quilt...but become a more knowledgeable and experienced quilter.

 I also offer projects along the way! Maybe you only want to make a runner or table topper, Class One, Two and Three are all you need! Maybe a lap size quilt is your preference?
The size of the project will determine how many classes you will need to take.  It's up to you.  Each class is offered for $8.50.

Laurie Aaron Hird's book The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt is a MUST to take this class.  It can be found on Amazon here: 
Just click on this link.

I recommend getting your book spiral bound too.
 office supply stores can do this for just a couple bucks
I have notes written all over the inside pages. 
 I love that kind of book!!

With permission, i have grabbed some photos off the web to show
 a variety of colors, fabric combinations and settings to consider.
(click on the colored words to see their blogs)
The beauty of The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt...
it's a fabulous stash buster!!
My first block
My cousin Diane's quilt
another block of mine
My friend Marylou's ginormous king size quilt!
Love this stack of red and whites

Whether you've started this quilt before or not, this class is designed to help you finish your Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt with success!
You'll find my classes by visiting My Craftsy Pattern Store HERE
Or My Etsy Shop HERE 
Or see my sidebar for emailed options.

Join the Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Challenge Facebook Group!  Find it HERE

Class 1 is now available...see this blog post above
Class 2 is now available...see my blog post HERE
Class 3 is now available...see my blog post HERE
Class 4 is now available...see my blog post HERE
Class 5 is now available....see my blog post HERE
Class 6 is now available....see my blog post HERE
Class 7 is now available....see my blog post HERE
Class 8 is now available....see my blog post HERE
Class 9is now available....see my blog post HERE 
Class10 is now available...see my blog post HERE
Class 11 is now available...see my blog post HERE
Class 12 is now available...see my blog post HERE


  1. These are beautiful and challenging. I've just joined a sew along for something much smaller than this. Will you be doing a sew along for one of your quilt patterns?

  2. Have my book already to go. Will this be $8.50 a month for 12 months?

  3. I wish you well my bloggy friend, looks like fun! I will pass this link on to a couple of friends who might be interested.

  4. Those patterns are so beautiful! I was just thinking about this quilt today, I really want to sew this, but I still need to get the book!

    1. You will love this class Chanina! email me if you have any questions... ~karen

  5. Lovely quilts! I have this book, and made one single block so far. Got sidetracked with all the other projects I'm working on... I will finish a quilt using these many of the blocks in the quilt one day. Hopefully I'll be able to custom quilt it too :-) One day... :-)

  6. Hi Karen, I just got the book last week and am so excited to see your class. Thank you. Heading off to sign up now! Thank you also for the inspirational parade of blocks.

  7. Very intriguing blocks and class, will look forward in obtaining a book then decide if time permits me this year. Happy Sewing.

  8. Your class looks amazing. I am still just a beginner at quilting, but the Farmer's Wife (and Dear Jane) are what made me want to learn quilting in the first place. When you say a person can start anytime, does that mean I could plan to try this next year?

    1. Yes! The online classes will be available until the end of
      In December 2014, all 12 classes will have been published and one can purchase them all at once...or one at a time. The choice is yours. :)

  9. I am so glad I found this great blog! Thank you!
    I have the book, I have been so ready to start the FW but I am not sure how much fabric I need. I have so many fat quarter bundles and some yardage that goes with the bundles but I do not want to start using a certainfabric and then find I dont have enough.

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  12. Oh, I am SO, SO tempted! If I pass, it'll only be because I will NOT have time to even think about working on this during the entire month of September. :-(

    I wonder though, do you provide yardage requirements? I don't have much stash, and to be honest, much of what I have is fabric that I don't really care for. I would like to know how much I need to buy to supplement the pieces that I do like.

    1. Oh, and am I blind or just confused ... I don't see the link for the book. Just an FYI as I suspect I can go find it on ;-)

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Is Class 1 not available? I just found this post and would like the first one,

    1. Hi Susie Yes class one is available you'll find 3 purchase options here:
      i recommend purchasing the classes through Craftsy. You can send me an email if you

  15. Karen ... I have my book and all of the templates except the Kaleido ruler. I am finding that particular ruler in 2-3 sizes. I'm guessing that the small is the one I want but would like to verify before doing so. Can you tell me?

  16. I just love those beautiful patterns. I think that's all what I was waiting for... I really want to sew that awesome patterns... I would love to have a copy of your book.

    1. Hi Carmen Lee, the book author is Laurie Aaron Hird. Her instructions for piecing The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt are made with templates. I have converted her instructions (with her permission) to modern cutting and piecing methods. You can purchase the book by clicking on the Amazon link in the blog post above and also find where to purchase my modern instructions through Craftsy, Etsy or emailed directly to you. All that information is available in the post above. It is such a beautiful quilt! :)

  17. Can I join your class if I own the EQ CD of this quilt?

  18. Hi Karen,
    I am so excited to start this enormous undertaking. Seems as though the original class began in 2014. Is there anyone that would like to join me on this adventure for the next 12 months? I also ordered the Noble Spools pattern. Seeing you at your trunk show in Bend inspired me beyond belief. I've been quilting like a fiend and not slowing down. Thank you for the encouragement.

    1. Hi Danielle! I have a facebook group, plowing along at different rates through the farm classes...i'll send you an email. :)



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