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The Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Class  $8.50 per class
If ordering directly from my blog...emailed copies only.
This is a 12 month class.  Each month will offer roughly 10 blocks directly from The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt book by Laurie Aaron Hird.  Are you intimidated by all the templates?  If that is not a method you prefer...this is the class for you! I offer modern cutting and piecing instructions, introducing new quilt methods and techniques making your Farmer's Wife quilt go together more quickly and very few templates are used.  I also offer smaller projects along the way for those who choose not to purchase all 12 classes.  Class 6 has lap quilt pattern included (picture is shown above). For more information visit my blog post by clicking HERE

Now you can purchase the entire set of Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival classes together!  Available on Etsy   

Quilt Patterns

Cotton Daisies
$10.00 digital pdf copy or mailed pattern for $12.00
Read more on Cotton Daisies on the blog post

 Make this Bachelor Button Version!

My Crow Garden 
$10.00 digital pdf copy or mailed copy for $12.50
See more of My Crow Garden on the blog post

Star Spangled Picnic
$10.00 digital pdf copy or mailed copy for $12.50
Comes in 2 sizes.  Learn more on my blog post here

Touch and Go + little sister, Amelia Quilt Pattern
$10.00 digital pdf copy or mailed copy for $12.50
For flight enthusiasts of all ages! Two great options in one pattern.  Read more on my blog post here

Touch and Go
and Amelia (soon to be finished)

Noble Spools Quilt Pattern
$10.00 digital pdf copy or mailed copy for $12.50
Lots of potential with this quilt!  Visit my Noble Spools blog post for more inspiration! 

Indian Summer Quilt Pattern 
$10.00 digital pdf copy or mailed copy for $12.00
Easy pattern to make!  Visit my Indian Summer blog post for more pictures and description.  :)
Below is a photo of my 'primitive style' Indian Summer quilt sample. Visit this blog post to see more!

PieBirds pattern  
$10.00 digital pdf copy or $12.00 for mailed copies.
Included in the pattern are instructions for a 7" x 37" Runner and a 7"sq. Hot Pad.  Read more about PieBirds pattern 

Redwing Blackbird Pattern 
$10 for digital pdf copy or mailed copy for $12.50
Bring the birds inside! Read more about Redwing Blackbirds!

And So It Crows Pattern 
$10 for digital pdf copy or mailed copy for $13.00
More about And So It Crows on my blog!

Tulip Crush Pillow Pattern and Quilt Pattern 
$10.00 digital pdf  copy or mailed copy for $13.00 
 Bring Spring indoors with Tulip Crush!  

Easy as Pie! 
$10.00 digital pdf copy or mailed copy for $12.00
Easy as pie to make!  Pattern includes 2 options!
This quilt goes together in a day! Visit my blog post for more info!

Fat Quarter Scrappy option...

...and a 2 fabric option

Broom Pattern    Purchase option in description below
I created this broom to use as a border around my Lori Holt Snowman block wall hanging.  You'll find a free 'how to' broom pictorial on my blog post. However, if you would like an easy download pictorial to print, i offer it through  Craftsy for $2.00 

Cinderella Pumpkins
$10.00 digital pdf copy or mailed copy for $13.00
A fun Fall quilt!  Two versions!  Read more on my blog post HERE

Key to my Scrappy Heart 
$10.00 digital pdf  copy or mailed copy for $13.00

Fun to make! Divided into 6 simple piecing sections, 'Key to my Scrappy Heart' is super easy to construct.  Click HERE to read more with additional pictures!

Poppa's Tree Farm pattern  
$10 for digtial pdf copy or mailed copy for $12.00 
A strong beginner can make this quilt! Once you make your first tree block, it's just a repeat of 23 more.  Includes easy tutorial on making 8 half square triangles using only 2 fabric squares!
Visit my blog post HERE to read more about Poppa's Tree Farm quilt pattern

Pumpkin Spice Quilt Pattern
$10.00 emailed pdf or Mailed pattern for $12.00
See more of Pumpkin Spice in blog posts!

Or change up the colors to reflect any season!
Christmas Spice photo my Jodi Nelson

On Sale!  Lattice Stars  
$5.00 for digital pdf copy or mailed copy for $7.00  
I love nine patches!  Another easy quilt, perfect for a strong beginner.  Visit my blog post HERE to read more about Lattice Stars quilt pattern.

On Sale! Stars for every Season 
$5.00 for digital pdf copy or mailed pattern for $7.00
Who doesn't love two colored quilts?  'Stars for every Season' is perfect for using up scraps.  Don't worry if you're sick of those fabric scraps...this quilt can handle them! Visit my blog post HERE to read more about Stars for Every Season.

On Sale CheckMate!  

$5 for digital pdf or mailed pattern for $7.00
Includes both a wall hanging and lap size instructions.  
See more pictures on my CheckMate! blog post :)
If you want to eliminate the appliqued circles, this pattern is perfect for some cute fussy cut fabrics!

Free Patterns available on Craftsy only.
Two table runners included in one pattern!  Free!
CandyCorn Pinwheels

 and CandyCorn Pumpkins
Free on Craftsy!  

Tea Stained Sunflower tutorial
Free on Craftsy!



  1. Oh my goodness I love love love your blog. It makes my smile and giggle from the Lucy pictures and the great tutorials. Thank you for making this available.. I'll be adding you to my list of places to check out daily. Jean Farley, WI

  2. Is there enough time to do all of these!?!!
    Where do I start? I love them all!!

  3. Love these Beautiful ;) Love looking at them....might try making one or two ;)

    Thank YOU

  4. Your photography is the best I've seen in a long, long time. OH ----- products great too.

  5. Hey Karen, I went to a local guild quilt show today and was talking to a quilter in her booth who lives near one of our bigger fires this year and congratulated her on keeping her quilts and fabrics smoke free. She explained how her studio happened to be specially insulated and she didn't open the door. She also happened to have been evacuated too! As I was leaving I looked up on the wall and recognized a quilt and asked her the name, she replied "Poppa's Tree Farm". I said I know the designer, we're facebook friends. She had a couple of quilts I would have liked to purchase but she wanted too much $$$. I said I owned a couple of quilts from designers and Eleanor Burnes and didn't spend as much as she wanted. She admitted sh didn't wasnt to sell them. I told her at her prices she didn't have a thing to worry about. She is a longarm quilter in Seeley Lake, MT as well as Puyallup, WA.

    1. Hi Linda. Just seeing this comment. It ended up in my spam. ugh... That's so cool! Thank you for telling me. :)



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