April 1, 2020

And just like that....

We have a kit!

A set of 6 Bee Hive Fat Quarters with the exact fabrics used in the Hot pad below.

Need the pattern?
It's FREE!
Visit the previous blog post for my Hi Neighbor! hot pad  description and instructions

The Kit offered by Renee Nanneman can be found in her online shop Need'lLove for $23 (price includes shipping)

You will be able to make 16 Hi Neighbor! hot pads (not including the backing) from the fat quarter kit.  
Just imagine how many  neighbors, friends and/or family members will enjoy your gift during this time of separation.  More about that on my previous post.

Fill your heart with happy thoughts

March 31, 2020

Hi Neighbor! Freebie Pattern

What's the buzz in your house?
 Here's what's been buzzing around in mine...

It's overwhelming to think about the state of our world.  And I for one, don't know what to make of this Covid19 virus.  I hear scary things...i understand the potential ramifications of this pandemic...I know it IS serious!
I truly pray for you all...that your mind, body and spirit are healthy, and happy thoughts fill your heart.

Many are making masks...what a call to action!  Thank you Thank you!

Not only have i been thinking about all the healthcare workers...which are dear to my heart...I've also been thinking about my neighbors...those i don't know well...home with small children, husbands and wives out of work, the single person ...And that got me thinking.

I want to do something for my neighbors, reach out, say hello, let them know i care.  So of course, being a quilter....i came up with a potholder idea.  I guess you could say, all those homemade bread posts I've been seeing on Instagram and Facebook sparked this idea! 

The potholder or hot pad is called 'Hi Neighbor!'  But could easily be given to friends and family letting them know you are thinking of them.

I've contemplated how to package the hot pad for safe delivery...(see pattern instructions, bottom of page 2).  If you have another or better idea...please share!

Fabrics used are from the line Beehive by Renee Nanneman.   
I know she has them available in her shop! Kit Now available!

And i quilted mine on my domestic sewing machine.  Nothing fancy...just some straight line quilting.

If you are on Instagram...tag me @laughyourselfintostitches  
I'd love to see your Hi Neighbor! hotpads :) 

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March 24, 2020

Cadbury Bunny

Pink Panier loves her new Cadbury Bunny!

If you are a primitive lover like i am...you will love Meg's handmade creations! 
She offers the cutest bunnies among other things...and her handiwork is perfection! 
The photo above was taken from Meg's Etsy shop...i just had to show off her latest bunny 'Jack'.  She listed 6 this morning...and looks like there's only 1 left!  You just have to check out her shop!

Find Meg's work on Etsy at Primitive Pig Folk Art 

How are you decorating for Easter?  


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