January 26, 2020

Farmhouse Love ** Borders

Getting Close!!

This is probably the most difficult portion of Farmhouse Love.  
We will be adding setting triangles to the nine patches.  There are 2 sizes of setting tri's, both cut from squares.  The larger squares are cut using a 16th inch measurement ... 
                                You can do it!
You'll need a ruler that is at least 6-1/2" wide.  
Here's a little math...ugh!  8/16" is also 1/2" right?
Your fabric will look like this...straddling between the 3/8" and the 1/2" mark.  It's not hard at all...you can see my fabric all the way up the photo is between those two marks. It's just a matter of training your eye to see it.  Or place some tape at the 6-1/2" mark and you'll see it easier.

Notice all the black triangles are on the outside of the quilt...and the red are touching the sashing.  

In my Instructions i have a diagram with outlined areas....to make it easier to see how the triangles are sewn to the 9-patches...especially in the corners.

Here is a look at the 9-patch/setting triangle units.

Once sewn together, you'll place them right sides together like this.  I recommend lining up your border first and then laying each unit right sides together two at a time and sew. 

Once sewn together, i opened up the seam

I must warn you...there is quite a bit of bias.  
Tips on that...
1.  Use spray starch to stabilize the triangles before sewing them together with the 9-patches.  

2. Let the starch dry before you move the pieces.  

3.  Before pressing seams over, apply heat to the seam (this is called 'heat setting').  Line up the outer edges of the triangle and 9-patch so they are nice and evenly matched up.  Heat set and then press seams over without distorting the shape.

4.  When sewing the pieces together, let the machine do most of the work...don't pull the fabric along.  

5. Take one stitch at a time.  Deep breath...don't rush. Oh and read the directions.  LoL!

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