March 28, 2014

Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Class 4 available Today

Do you have a copy of The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt book?  Love all those blocks but not keen on cutting and piecing templates?  Maybe you have a handful of blocks finished and put them aside with little interest in picking it back up.

In January 2014, i published Class One (with the permission from the author) and will continue publishing classes through December 2014.  Each month includes approximately 10 blocks with final instructions on putting the quilt all together.  Perhaps you'd like to use the blocks you've made and put them into a nice table topper/wall hanging/baby quilt.  Class 3 (HERE) offers a pattern to do so!

Today i published Class 4 and it can be purchased through various options. On my Crafty Pattern Store found HERE, my Etsy Shop found HERE or PayPal found on my sidebar. 
Please visit 'My Patterns' for clarification if you choose to order patterns directly from my blog.
If you are new to this class series, i recommend beginning with Class One.  You can read more about it HERE

I also just published a FREE guide to my 5 Golden Rules
 (quilting rules that is)
you'll find it available for download on my 
Craftsy Pattern Store HERE


  1. Gosh when I saw your pattern folder in the photo it made me want to get all mine in order. It looks so well organized. I'll need at least a month to sort out all my patterns, paper and the ones on my laptop.

  2. I hope all goes well for you Karen.

  3. Love this block-- the brown and blue just shine together.

  4. Block 38 - Can you please post a picture of YOUR finished version? I think I can figure out what hst your omitted, but I would like to make sure before I make this block.. Thanks!

    1. Just added the picture to our flickr group. You'll find a link button to the farmer's wife quilt revival flickr group on my side bar. :)



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