October 5, 2015

Cinderella Pumpkins!

Announcing my new Cinderella Pumpkins Pattern!   Available now in my Craftsy Pattern StoreEtsy Shop and here on my blog.  

 Fun for the Fall season... My Harvest Cinderella's (above) remind me of the ghost pumpkins!

A 2 x 3 Harvest Cinderella Pumpkin wall hanging, 
measuring 36" x 30" 

The 1 x 4 Halloween Cinderellas make a perfect door or porch hanging...measuring 20" x 39"

As you can see in the above picture...sometimes patterns change as they are stitched together.  After making these Halloween Cinderella's...i decided there was no need for the extra seam...so i eliminated it in the Harvest Cinderella Pumpkins and wrote the pattern accordingly.


  1. Looks like fun to play with all that yummy fall fabric!!! Looks like an easy, quick pattern just in time to make a seasonal tablerunner.

  2. Another WINNER, Karen! Love it!

  3. Adorable pumpkins. Congrats on your design!

  4. I love this pattern! I blogged about it today and can't wait to make a pillow with it (for starters)! XO



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