July 20, 2016

Redwing Blackbirds~~New Pattern

Announcing a new pattern!  Redwing Blackbirds!

I actually have a confession to make.  A variation of these birds are in my upcoming pattern called 'And So it Crows'. I had so much fun making them, i veered off course a bit and came up with this first! 

Quick to make!  Once you make one Redwing Blackbird, you'll fly through the others!  Wall hanging size 40" x 38"

They are whimsical and fun!  A few birds are found standing on top of each other while some sit and relax on the comfort of another's back.

I played around with color and made a couple blue birds...
I Googled the species and come up with this picture

Okay, okay, mine don't look like the real thing...but then again, they are not real. Lol

Let's give these blue birds a hand! 
I purposely changed the direction of the sitting bird's tail (above)  from the written pattern, just to see how it looks.  I like it a lot.  It's kind of fun to play around and change it up a bit!

Pattern available now!  You'll find it on Craftsy and Etsy!


  1. The birds are adorable. Another fun pattern.

  2. Really cute, Karen. Love the pattern and how you changed the birds a bit to look different.

  3. Love these... Birds are my favourite too!!

  4. Very playful, sitting and standing and looking different ways. Lovely!

  5. I'm on this bird kick---- I just love this!



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