September 28, 2017

PieBirds ~~ Runner// Hot Pad pattern now available

If you have been waiting for the new PieBird pattern, it is now available instantly through my Craftsy Store (found on page 2) and in my Etsy Shop.  Mailed patterns are also available through Etsy.

Emailed and Mailed copies for the new PieBird pattern can also be found right here on by blog!  Look on the right side bar and click the drop down menu under 'More Patterns'. 
The emailed copies are not instant...i have to actually email them to you. :)

Both the runner and hot pad instructions are included in the pattern

I'm waiting on my printer for hard copies of PieBirds.  You can order now and they will be mailed out later next week.   

Have a Happy Day and Thank you!!!! 

1 comment:

  1. That's very cute. I find there are several patterns I like, but I can't afford all of them at once. =)



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