March 27, 2017

Indian Summer//Primitive Style

Different not only in fabric choices, Indian Summer 'primitive style', eliminates the corner triangles around each log cabin center.

NOTE*the pattern instructions do not mention my primitive style option.  If you prefer this look, simply disregard the corner triangles around the log cabin centers.
Here's my brighter Indian Summer  Click on the blue link to see more photos of the original quilt.

A small change can make a big difference!

Look out the window....this is where i grew up....and where my boys played for endless hours on the farm.

 Mason and our Lucky, and Tucker with his turtle friend were taken years ago on the farm... how time flies.

And here are the caretakers!  
Couple of hillbillies!  Aren't they cute?
mom and dad, August 2016

Okay, back to our regular programming....

Do you have the Indian Summer pattern yet?  
 How will you make it? 
 Brighter version?  Primitive Style?  Corner Triangles...or not?

Another look at my friend Cheryl's' Indian Summer quilt using more primitive style fabrics with corner triangles.

All three versions look great!

Here's where you'll find the Indian Summer pattern  

But i'll leave you with a little bit of Spring...from the farm
 my dad...86 and awesome!


  1. Pretty awesome to be quilting one of your designs that someone else has made!. Your Dad is the same age as mine, although your Dad looks much more fit and healthy than mine.

    1. Actually, i made this one's going to go on the road with a shop called Momma Made It, out of Washington state. The shop is more into primitive i wanted to share this one with them. However, it WAS fun to quilt!! Oh and my dad? He's out almost everyday chopping wood. I think i should start doing that!! He is amazing!

  2. what a fabulous place to grow up. Lovely quilt too and wow the quilting is amazing on it.

  3. Luv the quilting - just gorgeous stitching.
    Adorable hillbillies too;)



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