April 20, 2016

Tulip Crush Pillow and Quilt Pattern Available Now

Add this cute 16" pillow to your spring decor!

Or this 54" x 70" Tulip Crush Quilt!

Tulip Crush pattern includes instructions for both the pillow AND quilt.  It sells on Craftsy and Etsy and my blog

The pillow pattern includes illustrations for making an envelope pillow backing, but i thought it would be helpful to add a pictorial here too.

Once the Tulip Crush pillow top is completed, I offer 2 options for stabilizing the top.
    Machine quilt or add an light weight interfacing.  Either choice works well.

I quilted mine.

Once the top is either quilted or the interfacing has been applied, trim the Tulip Crush pillow top to the recommended size according to the pattern.

The backing is made with two pieces.  Both the same width as the pillow top, but one is longer than the other piece.  I like them to overlap at least 4".

Take a double fold and iron one end of each backing piece.  Add a top stitch to secure the fold.

With right sides together, place both backing pieces on the pillow top.  

Pin around the entire pillow

Once the backing has been sewn to the pillow top, turn the pillow right sides out and place the pillow form inside.

I also thought it would be fun to make a small tulip pillow with a binding.  These instructions are not included in the pattern, but easy to follow here if you would like to add a binding to your Tulip Crush pillow.

Prepare your binding the same as if you were adding a binding to a quilt.

Cut two backing pieces the same width as the pillow top but one backing piece is longer than the other.  Add a double fold to one end of each backing piece and top stitch both.
Place the wrong side of both backing fabrics together with the wrong side of the pillow top.  There is no need to turn this pillow right sides out...the right side of the tulip top and the backing fabrics are already facing outwards.  The binding will finish the raw edge.

Pin in place.  

Stitch around the entire pillow approximately 1/8" in from the outer edge.

Turn the pillow over and add the binding just like you would if you were adding it to a quilt top.

Once the binding is sewn to the pillow top, bring the binding to the back side, covering the raw edges and the 1/8" basting stitch. Hand stitch the binding to the pillow back.

I'll be finishing up this little pillow in the next couple days.   

How about 3 pillow size tulips joined together into a mug rug?  
Mug rug and photo compliments of Karen at K's Quilting Korner

Find Tulip Crush Pattern on Craftsy and Etsy

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  1. these tulips are very beautifuls
    Murielle (france)



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