March 23, 2013

Helpful Notions to Start your Week

I'm 'starting my week' a tad hope is to bring a Helpful Notion to you often...if not once a week. I'm in the process of moving...and i know my computer will be down in the next day or two.'s the early
Came across this quilting chart recently....i don't know who created this and I'd give due credit if i knew.
To go along with the sizing chart above, I've created a batting size chart, below. It's a good idea to fit your quilt top to the prepackaged batting size of your choice. Remember a longarm quilter needs a few extra inches of batting and backing... 
See my link above or click here: 
Many times a client will bring a quilt top that is just a fraction bigger than the prepackaged batting size and the only option is to purchase the larger size batt...we all have those left over strips of batting and this will save on some of that waste. 


  1. Thanks for the charts! I always spend tons of time when drafting my quilts, trying to figure the block sizes that will work the best for the quilt size......this is going to eliminate all those calculations! THANKS!

  2. Cool thanks.Good luck on your move. I came from a pin of your red and blue part quilt from last July
    I loved your quilt. Nice to meet you too!



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