April 28, 2013

Back in the Saddle..with a custom quilt

I received this quilt in the mail a few months ago....modern interpretive, not traditional. Sherrie, the maker of this great quilt provided me with some quilting ideas and i went from there.
 Rain, Sun and Water...

Here are a few pics of my new digs in Zigzag, Oregon.
This great awesome fruit ladder was left in the garage...yeehaw!!
I drug this sucker into my house all by myself but once it was in, i could not stand it up.  No better way to get to know my neighbors but invite them over for a ladder raising party!

It's at least 14' tall...maybe 15'. As soon as my husband brings in his sturdy 'big ladder', i will add one more quilt to the top.
I've been fixing the place up a bit...but we have plans to do a pretty big remodel over the next year. Until then...i'm just making do.
I tried to get a picture of my entire fireplace...it looms 2 and a half floors tall! I could not quite capture the whole thing. Another day, i'll try again.
This is out my back door.  I have a river view up the river, but there is a bank of trees directly outside my door hiding the Sandy river.
 Within a one minute walk...this is where i come to sit...
and play 
with my Lucky dog

i can't keep from pinching myself!


  1. I love the creativity you put into the quilt. Your house makes me feel right at home. I would be askeered to climb up that ladder, yikes! Love it with the quilts. There's something about water and mountains that really feeds the soul.

  2. Nice post Karen!! Really enjoyed it all. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.

  3. Incredible fabrics, incredible pictures!
    Oregon is definitely a beautiful place!

  4. It's a beautiful quilt and you did some amazing quilting on it....

  5. Nice pic, and beautiful view, and you quit is incredible .


  6. I've been dying to know how you like your new home! It is gorgeous! I would love to live out like that with pine trees and that stream! Amazing! I live in the middle of the city and have a skyscraper for a next door neighbor! Great quilting (as usual)! Glad you are settled in...moving is such a kerminch.

    Cheery wave from

  7. Hi there, nice to have you 'back in the saddle'!!!
    Groovie mod quilting.
    Your new 'digs' is wonderful, glad to see you are finding places for your new treaures & the 'old' ones too. What an amazing home.....I'm a tad jealous!

  8. Your living the dream girl! (at least that's what my dream home looks like in my head!) I Love the flowers shadow quilting, beautiful!

  9. You moved to a nice spot over there! House looks lovely, as does the quilt

  10. Everything looks beautiful, But I think i love the ladder the most.

  11. Un.b.lievable'!!!!!!!!!!!you are so stinking' lucky to live in that beauty!!! Oh, I don't think I would get any quilting done if I had that view and oh, the cool places to hike! I am green with envy.

    Love the quilting ypu gave that modern one. Nice!

    Sooo jealous...



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