January 14, 2012

My Lucky Dog and Sweetpea

Here is a portrait of my Lucky dog painted and framed by my Aunt Loretta.

Lucky with the cousins

This is Sweetpea.  Sweetpea was raised along side my two sons and their cousins.  She is no longer with us. :/  My mom decided she would like to have a wolf and Sweetpea became a huge part of our family. Sweetpea kept watch over all 10 of  the grand kids. Here she is keeping my son Mason in line.
Aunt Loretta captures the sweetness of Sweetpea
Aunt Loretta is an amazing artist...does wonderful paintings of  family pets.  If you would like to commission her, please contact me for more information at chezstitches@gmail.com

A few finishes this past week.  Here is Susan's churn dash quilt.
 quilted with a feather swirl.
 Another of Susan's quilts. Charm quilt with an edge to edge Swirl n' Twirl

 And finally, Diane's charm quilt with an all over edge to edge called Flowering Daisy 

Now off to the Mountains for a bit of ski time with my brother and my nieces...and the snow if falling!!!


  1. Our pets are part of the family, we love them, as you do.

    Nice quilts, nice fabrics and cool quilting.

  2. Those are beautiful paintings of your pets.....very sweet! And those quilts are fabulous! Love the churn dash! Enjoy the skiing....we finally have snow, too! Yay!

  3. Oh, gosh, I just love your Aunt's work! Your edge to edge quilting is fabulous. Are they all freehand? I would like to try the feather swirl!

  4. It's cute work. Congratulations

  5. Lovely paintings of lovely pets! Your quilting is fabulous!



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