January 21, 2012

The Buggy Barn Way

Update January 2015
In the Fall of 2014, The Buggy Barn closed their doors....so sad  :/
 Their books can still be found today via a Google search.

I'm getting ready to teach a great technique, a unique technique!  It's The Buggy Barn Way.   Trinity Quilt Club will be learning this nifty way to piece together blocks.  After teaching a whole year and then some of the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt, this will be a breeze!  Very forgiving, no need to stress over seams that don't line up 
and the blocks are big!  
Here is the beginning of my Spring Fever quilt.

Trace the pattern onto Freezer Paper and iron on to a stack of Fat Quarters layered in a specific order.
Using a large Rotary Cutter, cut through the stack of Fat Quarters (FQ).  Depending on the amount of FQ's needed, one may want to divide the pile into a manageable thickness for cutting.
In this particular pattern, the pattern is stitched together in quadrants. Each quadrant in the photo above has 5 separate pieces to be stitched together.
Shown below are the lower quadrants A and B.
 Square up ONLY the sides you will be stitching together.  I just simply placed the ruler on two areas that matched, and trimmed the rest. In the picture above, both A and B quadrants are trimmed and ready to stitch together.
 Once they are stitched together, again trim ONLY the side which will be sewn to the trimmed quadrant C and D.
 Once the sections are trimmed and ready to sew together, pin the middle intersection and i throw a couple extra pins in just to keep the block from shifting.  You can see how uneven it is! 
 Not to worry one bit!
Below is the block stitched together ready to be trimmed to the appropriate size.  My pattern said to trim it to 11.5", but my blocks are easily trimmed to 12".  
There is no sashing or border added to this quilt.  It calls for a total of 30 blocks, 5 across and 6 down. My mother-in-law gave me scraps from her stash over Christmas. I rummaged through them last week and found enough of the plaid and the farmer/strawberry fabric, added the white fabric from my stash and am making this for my little grand niece Sammy, for a drag around quilt.  Sammy's quilt will be 3 blocks across and 4 blocks down for a total of 12 blocks. I will add a border to make it a bit larger.  
Click Here to view the finished quilt 


  1. Thanks for sharing this pattern....it is a refreshing pattern.

  2. I love this pattern.....thanks for sharing it! I can see it with all sorts of scrappy colors.....Yay!

  3. Es genial este bloque, una maravilla no tener que casar siempre las piezas. Gracias por enseñarlo.

  4. I took one of their "way" classes long ago and have a UFO of pineapple blocks......Maybe I can come stitch them together at your next gathering......

  5. I love this pattern!!Thanks!

  6. Apparently the Buggy Barn is closed atm...any ideas how I can get the pattern for this please? I'd love to make a quilt.

    TIA, hugs

  7. Where do I find this pattern? The Buggy Barn link above doesn't work.

    1. I believe the book is sold out. The Buggy Barn is no longer in business, but Barn Chick Quilts is new. It is owned by of the sisters that made up the Buggy Barn. You'll find her site here: http://barnchickquilts.com/home



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