July 16, 2020

Primitive Sunflower Tutorial and a bit about Craftsy

Back in 2016...seems like yesterday...i posted a free tutorial 'how to Make Primitive Sunflowers' on Craftsy.  Remember Craftsy? 

If you remember...Craftsy was taken over by the new and 'improved' (or so they inferred) Bluprint owned by NBC Universal. 

Many of the Craftsy community was not impressed and if you had a Craftsy Pattern Store it was a wonderful place to share free downloads and sell patterns, but unfortunately not the case with Bluprint.

Once Bluprint took over, i received notice that most of the content in my Craftsy Pattern Store was going away...and to top if off (and ticked me off) the blog posts I wrote for Craftsy were completely redone in Bluprint fashion.  My name remained, but the posts were altered and other names were added as publishers.  These were my submitted ideas, written and photographed posts and welcomed by Craftsy.  Craftsy also had editors to critique and edit my posts beforehand, which i welcomed.
Hum...i'm sure in some small print, I gave all my rights away when i wrote the posts, but it did leave a yuk feeling.  

Bluprint announced recently that TN Marketing purchased Bluprint's assets and it looks like 'Craftsy' will be returning in September.  We'll see what that looks like.  

So, what prompted me to spew all of this?  LOL

I was contacted by Donna today asking where she could find my primitive sunflower free download.  I went to Bluprint and there was the listing for my Tea Stained Sunflower tutorial, but no option to download it. 

So i decided it was high time to take back my content and post it on my own blog.  You'll find the instructions after all these fun Fall pictures.

PieBird Hot Pad with Primitive Sunflowers

Aren't those primitive sunflowers great?  

Below is my PieBird runner pattern found on Etsy, it includes the hot pad pattern shown below the runner.  Pattern is  available instantly or mailed copy...in case you wondered.  LOl.

oh those legs...

Finally...the instructions for Tea Stained Sunflowers and how to print just the instructions using the Printfriendly button below. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!! Please come back again.   
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  1. Thank you for the tutorial for fall. They are so cute.

  2. From the get-go, I was concerned with NBC involved and turning Craftsy into Bluprint. When Bluprint decided to "cull" the patterns of contributors, I was very unhappy. And when they started offering deep discounts on everything from classes, to patterns, to supplies, I was pretty sure they were goners. I'll reserve judgment on the "new" Craftsy. Thank you for sharing your patterns!

  3. Thanks, Karen, for this reprint of your original pattern. It really is so cute. BTW, Blueprint was a disappointment to us all. You designers were impacted so much and with little warning. Say what you will...most of us agree.

  4. Gracias por compartir. Nunca me imaginé que se hacían así. Flores horneadas, jejejeje. Recibe un fuerte abrazo desde Venezuela!



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