September 13, 2016

Introducing Indian Summer Quilt Pattern!

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are really enjoying beautiful late summer weather!  Warm days ~~ cool nights!

So I'm very happy to welcome ~ Indian Summer!

Isn't it pretty?!!!

You could display this quilt from August through November!  

It's not hard to make either...I have a step saving method, shared in this previous post.  All those pinwheel are made from knocked off corner triangles used to make the sunflower petals.  

I was hoping to complete another version...using a darker background for the more primitive appeal...
It's almost completed...and i changed it a tiny bit from the original Indian Summer pattern....for that more prim look.  I'll share my tiny change when it's done.  Unless you can pick it out! 

Hey!  First one to leave the correct answer in the comment sections gets the pattern for free via email!  
                So include your email address

If you'd like a copy of Indian Summer, I have the pattern listed on Craftsy and in my Etsy Shop

Hoping our warm Indian Summer continues!  Our weatherman Mark Nelson says it will!  But if not...I'll enjoy my own patchwork of Indian Summer.


  1. Center doesn't have the knocked off corners. Instead a frame around the center. I really like this pattern, Karen! I'll look for your kits at Momma Made It at the NW Quilt Expo next week! Jean L.

    1. Yay Jean!!!! i'lll be emailing you the Indian Summer pattern!! :) ~karen

  2. This quilt is beautiful. I like the rounded centers better than the squared ones. It looks like a fun quilt to make.

  3. Log cabin center for the sunflowers - both ways are lovely!

  4. Beautiful quilts! Love the log cabin and the sunflowers!

  5. The center is not the snowball it is kept square. Such a beautiful quilt and pattern!

  6. You left your inner squares intact as a perfect square and didn't cut off the four corners on an angle.

  7. The corners are rounded off in the Indian Summer quilt but are squared off in the newer version. Both are beautiful! I will count myself really lucky if I get any of your previous quilt patterns done before next summer. They were so awesome I bought them the same day I saw them. Fall is just such a great season!



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