August 11, 2016

Step Saving Quilting Tips! How to make Corner Tri's and Half Square Triangles

Many of you know how to make corner triangles and half square triangles. I'm re-sharing these methods because i use them in many of my patterns, like in this new pattern called 'And So It Crows' and 'Indian Summer'.

....i also have a step saving tip! on.  :)

Corner triangles are simple.  Take a fabric square and lay it right sides together in the corner of another larger fabric square or rectangle. 

For example, in the Log Cabin center of my Indian Summer quilt pattern~~I finger pressed to create a diagonal line on the wrong side of my 'corner triangle' squares.  Placing them right sides together with the larger square underneath, i stitch directly on the pressed line.

Flip it over so the right side is showing and press.  Voila!  I now have a Corner Triangle!

Couple thoughts to consider with corner tri's:  
1. I use Aurifil 50wt thread.  It's thin and the fabric folds over it nicely.
2. If you are using a 40wt thread, stitch just a smidge to the side of the pressed line so that fabric can fold over the thread.
3. When i create small corner triangles, 1-1/2" or smaller, i do not trim the excess fabric underneath.  If the corner tri's are larger, i trim the excess fabric.

Also in my Indian Summer quilt pattern~~
Learn a step saving method used in this pattern, shared below.

In the Indian Summer pattern,  I'm creating more corner triangles using  squares and a rectangle.
I've drawn a diagonal line corner to corner (this time i'm not finger pressing, I find a drawn the line is more accurate for this larger size square)

Then...I draw a second line, 1/4 " away.

I love to chain piece; one right after the other without breaking the stitch.  Sewing on the first drawn line (corner to corner) to create those 'corner triangles'.

I run the same units through my sewing machine again...this time stitching 1/4" AWAY from the second drawn line.

Do you see where i'm going with this?

Cut through the line that has no stitching, separating this unit into 2 pieces.

Looky here!  I've created not only a corner triangle onto my rectangle... but a half square triangle too!
*Indian Summer pattern uses this method a lot!

The Indian Summer petals are made using the corner triangle method and the pinwheels are created using the half square triangles.

Need to know how to just make half square triangles?

Cut 2 fabric squares the same size.   Draw (or finger press) a diagonal line (corner to corner) on the wrong side of one square and place it right sides together on top of the second square. 

Stitch a 1/4" on either side of the drawn line and cut apart.

This will yield 2 half square triangles.

Determine the desired hst size and trim by placing a 45 degree line on top of the seam line
Trim one side...

Rotate the hst 180 degrees.  Re-position the 45 degree line on top of the diagonal seam and align the sides with the desired size.  

The half square triangle below is trimmed to  1-1/2".

 Super simple!

My recent patterns; 'Redwing Blackbirds'  'And So It Crows' and 'Indian Summer' uses some of these methods...

You can find all these patterns on Craftsy, Etsy and now directly on my blog
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If you purchase through my blog...unlike Craftsy and Etsy, it is not available instantly.  I will email you the pattern and will do so within a day or 2....if not sooner.  

Thank you all who have supported my patterns! I truly appreciate you!

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  1. I love your patterns and thank you for the tip!!

  2. Very good half square sewing info. I look forward to seeing your new pattern.

  3. Brilliant!! Thanks for taking the time to do this! We appreciate it!

  4. Thanks for the well explained tips.

  5. Very cute quilts and your photos of them are wonderful!



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