February 9, 2012

i'm bored...and a bit frustrated

no, this is not me....but how i feel.
my Gammill has been acting up and i have tried to avoid this reality.  I can no longer bury my head in the needle....which has been the problem.  i stitch...going along my merry way and when i come to a stopping place the needle continues to run.  So with the help of Mr. Jack Boersma over the phone and my handy dandy husband Pat....we have been trouble shooting for the past couple days.  I think...i hope the problem is fixed.  I should be stitching right now...but while i was bored, i took these pictures and now i'm posting.
 thank goodness for my handy dandy man!
 i had to stand by while handy dandy was at work...just in case he needed something...so i took a couple more photos...why not?
love love love my old milk bottle thread carrier! 
my fingers are crossed...and i'm going back to work!


  1. I hope you're all fixed up now. What a great husband to fix your Gammill. My husband had to fix my camera on my Gammill. It's so nice to have supportive husbands. Love your dog....so cute.

  2. I hope you're back up! I usually have to stand by in case my husband needs something, too. Don't get me wrong i have the best husband in the world, but he usually doesn't stand by in case i need something....after 31 years I can say that with a smile now.....



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