February 15, 2012

Kelly's quilt is finally finished...after days of stop and start quilting.  My Handy Dandy did fix my machine and found a corroded magnet inside which has something to do in combination with a sensor.  After a trip to Boersma's to replace the magnet and a weekend retreat, i finally got back to work on Kelly's quilt.  Everything was perfect....stitching  along, working better than ever.  I took a break, came back to my machine switched on the light bar above the needle and ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!  NOT AGAIN?!!  Now there seems to be a short in either the light switch or the wiring.  As long as i don't use the light, the machine works great.  Handy Dandy will be replacing the switch tonight...hopefully that is it!
At any rate...Kelly's quilt is finished. phew! 

As for the retreat this past weekend it was all about Love and Respect.  My husband (aka Handy Dandy) and i went with 25 couples from our church which included my brother and sister in-law, my best friends and neighbors.  It was full of laughter, great food, at Skamania Lodge on the Columbia Gorge.  A glimpse of what was presented is here on this YouTube video titled: 
Worth a look and a great laugh!


  1. Love is in the air!!!! You did a fabulous job!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous job! Both the quilt and the quilting stand strongly on their own.
    I'm planning a DWR and am wondering about pricing to longarm it. How much is custom work like this?
    Thanks! :)



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