June 14, 2016

Happy Flag Day with Lady Liberty!

I've been plugging away on Lady Liberty for years! 
Between client quilts, i had a chance to slip it onto my longarm.                                                        Yippee!!  

If you are on Instagram...you'll find me there too!  I posted this picture recently sharing my quilting design idea.  

Someone asked on Instagram if i would share how i did the quilting.  I like feathers... lol 

First, I drew my design onto a photo copy of the pattern.

I marked my lady's skirt with a dividing line (as you can see by the white ceramic pencil mark) plus an additional curled line.  These lines remind me where to stop and when to curl the feathers.  Then quilted free hand feathers.

They are never perfect or the same...but we're all different right?

A few feathers in her hair, a simple necklace and star.

In God we trust was quilted into each sash.

The background fill behind each lady is what i call feather fronds.  Little snippets of connected feathers.  Wavy lines in the flags, straight lines in the sashing areas using Linda Hrcka's QP Edge straight ruler.  A bit of echoing and micro-stippling to make a few freehand stars pop!

The inner border is a simple wavy line.  The final border...more feathers!  I used Linda's #12 QP Curved template to mark the spine then added the feathers freehand.  Super fun!

Before i began all the fun quilting, every block, seam and applique edges were stitched in the ditch.  

Mondays are my Play~Days with friends.  Yesterday we made flags!
Wool background, red cotton stripes with a blue cotton field.  Pearl Cotton for french knots and running stitches.   
A stick plus tacky glue...and we have a flag made in time for Flag Day!

Make every day a Fun Day!

Links to where you can purchase Lady Liberty and Sewline Pencils


  1. I love it Karen! It turned out amazing.

  2. I love the quilt and love how you quilted it--so great!

  3. Thanks for the links to the rulers and such that you used. This is an amazing design and perfect for Lady Liberty.



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