February 28, 2016

Ma Petite Fleur

Adding a flower to the center of a 25 patched block.  

Nothing too difficult, but i thought i would share my approach.  

I have a number of stencils that i used when i was learning to custom quilt.  This particular stencil is a feathered wreath variation.  I use to mark every feather and then quilt over the lines.  Now i don't have to do that anymore.  I don't like to mark much if i don't have too.

It's actually a good way to get the feel of feathering. I also took some classes...and practiced a lot...which i still do.  See my 'practice turns real deal' post

I marked the center of the pink square with an X, lined up the tiny opening and traced the small circle.  This was the only part of this stencil i used.  

Once the circle is drawn, I also draw my first feather...I find that helpful.

I freehand the circle, always keeping my eyes focused on where i'm going...NOT where i'm stitching.  Then without stopping, continue to stitch out the feathers.

Spray off the blue water soluble markings and back fill with 'kitchen coils' to create a star.

They're fun, they're freehand...they're easy! 

Visit my recent post on 'my making of a feathered wreath'


  1. Thanks for all the tips, Karen!! I am on the look out for some good basic stencils!!

  2. Looks great. Thanks for walking us through your process.

  3. Fabulous.I use stencils for handquilting.

  4. It looks so unique. I have urge to touch these textures. Colors are wonderful and peaceful.

  5. Yes thanks for the info. I'll certainly refer to it when I get time to practice something similar.



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