February 20, 2016

Practice ... Turns Real Deal

Yesterday i posted my attempts to perfect (well, maybe not perfect as in 'perfect'...) an inward feathered ring where the feathers swirl into the center of the circle.  
Awwwe!  Finally!!

My practice ... doodles ... playtime ... goof'n around ... some epic fails ...

Today i loaded the 'Real Deal'.  
Lots of stitch in the ditch, some cross hatching and feathered wreaths.  
Not sure what i will quilt in the center ring...maybe those inward feathers...but maybe not.  I have another idea sputtering around my brain.  


  1. I think your practice piece would make a great whole cloth! Nice work. As for the center of your circles....pebbles would look great, too.

  2. A Standing Ovation for YOU! Amazing!!!

  3. Gorgeous work! Are you SIDing with clear or matching thread? just wonderin'...arden

    1. Thanks Arden! It's matching thread. So Fine! By Superior Threads . I see you are in Portland! We're close!! 😀

  4. Practice really does pay off! Looks great, I hope your brain doesn't get bruised with the sputtering idea! :-)

  5. I love it, I struggle to quilt feathers. Even with a ruler many of mine have extra stitches that don't follow the ruler... Ya know what I mean? I might try that off the circle feather though, I have some areas that need something more.

  6. No epics fails here! Just gorgeous.

  7. This is looking great. Practice wins in the end. I can see cross hatching in the centres.



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