February 23, 2016

my making of a feathered wreath...

I find the center of the block and mark it with an X.  Then place my clear acrylic template which is etched with a center X, on  top of my marking.  

 Zipping around the template, keeping the center markings matched up.                                            Okay maybe i don't zip...i grit my teeth.

Stitching the end which matches the beginning...

I stitch out a second circle, mark my first 2 feathers so i get the proper motion and direction...and off i go...

Once the larger feathers are finished, i add in my third circle, mark my first 2 feathers and quilt the smaller ring of feathers.

I have a bit of applique on this quilt and love my Appliquide!  

And a bunch of stitch in the ditch...thankfully, that part is now finished.

More to show in a couple days!


  1. Very pretty.....never heard of the applitude, very neat!

  2. Beautiful quilting--am grateful to have long armed quilter

  3. Beautiful. What brand circle templates do you use? I have DeLoa's Appliguide ruler.

  4. I also love my Appliguide, and DeLoa's Boomerangs! Love your feathered circles!

  5. Mmmmm pretty! I love DeLoa's Apliguide, I think it was you who recommended it to me! I use my Gammill workstation when I need bigish circles.



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