January 16, 2016

Country Plates

Over my Christmas break i was able to work on one of my own quilts!  Just like the cobbler's children have no shoes, i rarely get my own tops quilted.
So with that said....here's a bunch of pictures!!

The starting of Country Plates...

 Fabric line is mostly Walk in the Park but any cute 30's line would be great!

Did I say a 'bunch' of pictures?  Lol

In Country Plates, there are a total of 20 Farmer's Wife blocks using the Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Classes
Class 1 and 2 gives modern rotary cutting and piecing instructions for making 20 blocks AND class 2 includes a 10 block table runner pattern, set similar to my Country Plates quilt. 

My 'Set Your Quilt'  pattern includes how to create a 'Zigzag On point' setting along with 5 other settings and math charts so you can determine a quilt style and size that works for you. 

Sashed with freehand spines and feathers...with swags in the final border.

I stitched in the ditch around each block and cross hatched 2" inside the blocks.  Used Linda Hrcka's QP Curved templates for circles to create a 'plate', then feathered inside each.

Kind of reminds me of white paper plates...
so i named this quilt 'Country Plates'!   

More stitch in the ditch around the inner border
  YAY!  A 2016 FINISH!!


  1. Beautiful, great work! Loved seeing all your pictures!

  2. Oh my.....just the eye candy and quilt porn needed today! This is stunning - thank you so much for sharing!

  3. hi Karen wow this quilt is amazing and i am in awe of the quilting,just so beautiful xx

  4. Absolutely beautiful quilting. I also like your choice of joiner fabric and the lay out. I have all of those blocks made- now I am inspired to make the top. Thank you for sharing your exquisite work.

  5. Just beautiful! I love the way you have presented your quilt :) Just love the corningware too!

  6. so beautifully quilted loving the farmers wife quilt, bought the instructions ages ago from you and it is going to be done this year I promise!

  7. Gorgeous machine quilting, and beautiful blocks!

  8. Beautiful quilting and quilt! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Absolutely beautiful! Great name and it looks so cozy warm as I look at it, and then look out my window at the snow coming down . . .

  10. This is gorgeous! You really do a beautiful job! The quilting really makes a quilt. I love it!

  11. What gorgeous quilting, I am so impressed by your skill with the longer. The quilt is lovely and I enjoyed looking at lots of photos!

  12. What beautiful work you've done! You have stitched-the-extra-mile as far as I can see! Really, that pun was not intended! I love the photo shots close up. And even love your titles. Maybe someday I'll get closer than just the 5 patch, although I love those patches also.



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