June 2, 2021

Never Miss Out on Future Posts!

Taking a moment to say THANK YOU to everyone who spends time visiting my new location LaughYourselfIntoStitches.com 

 I have to come clean with you all...  (sad face)

And thank you to all who have signed up for what i thought  would be a periodic newsletter, which ends up in everyone's spam folder AND has so many limitations, ie:  for the basic price i can only send out 3 a month which is all i wanted to do if that, but then, i read the fine print!  It's limited to a total of 500 recipients during the month.  That may sound like a lot....but within the first month of my new website, i had over 350 subscribers. (thank you thank you!!)  I sent out 1 newsletter to everyone, and the second one could only include 150 subscribers.  Ugh!  

And on top of all that nonsense and to be completely honest, i really did not want to send out newsletters...i just wanted followers to read my new website's blog posts.  But there wasn't an easy way to share them UNTIL...

Let me insert a picture so you might keep reading on.... LOL

some late night hook'n been happen'n!!!  SSsshhhh!

I'll try to wrap this up....i found a new site called 'follow.it'   I can add 'follow.it' to just my new blog posts.  It's free with unlimited followers and they promise not to spam!  So today i spent way too much time learning how to activate it and make it easy for everyone.   Gosh, i sure hope it is! 

insert a new photo...to trick you into more reading....

this is the Cotton Daisies flower and i'm creating a completely new pattern with this amazing fabric by Renee Nanneman called French Bees

Long story coming to an end... a newsletters will no longer be sent.  It just does not make sense to me.  But, if you go directly to my website and click on Blog (there, i made it easy for you) you will find a subscribe button at the bottom of the page, and that page only. 

I certainly hope this works out well for you and for me.  Let me know if it does...or doesn't. I'd appreciate the feedback.

 It just kills me... all i want to do is quilt, design, make, share and teach.  But oh no, i also have to be a web designer, photographer, computer guru and i have to THINK!   ugh... i think that's why i've been hook'n lately! LOL

Anyway...i hope you will try again, to follow me.  It's my passion to share with you fun projects, techniques and put a smile on your face. 

Hey...on another note...

Hope to see you there!  Or at the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival on June 17th-19th!

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  1. I am currently following cat Patches on Follow It, and it is great.



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