April 1, 2021

Strawberry Patches! New Quilt Pattern

Encouraging everyone to head over to my new website!

New pattern release, new blog post and step by step Pictorial...you'll find it all at Laughyourselfintostitches.com

And, if you signed up on my new site to receive newsletters, I've sent out 2.  One today and one on March 22nd.  

If you did not see them, check your spam or junk mail.  Make sure you unmark it from your spam folder and hopefully you will start receiving them.  I'm only going to send out 2 or 3 every month,  Just updates on what's up!  

Like....These colorful and delicious strawberries!


  1. LOVE this quilt! The fabrics are scrumptious! Heading to your new site now!

  2. I do not see a link to a new website. help!



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