November 9, 2020

'Sharing the Harvest' PDF Pattern Available Now.

This is such a fun Fall pattern!  

Quilt measures 62" x 80" which makes a wonderful cover up ~~ Or folded at the end of a bed for that warm homey touch. 

Don't miss the video of Sharing the Harvest at the end!

All Fabrics used in the pattern are from Andover Fabrics.

Designer, Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket 
Linen Textures Collection
Rust and Milk Chocolate for the Pumpkins and Honeycomb for the star centers.  Each of these fabric colors are also used in the checkerboard border.  
Olive Branch Collection
Olive for stem and leaf
Signature Style Collection 
Dandelion for Background

Designer, Kathy Hall 
Trinkets Collection
Star Points, Checkerboard and Binding

Looking for a quick November finish?  Here is a smaller version using the stars and pumpkins to create a table runner or welcome banner.

You will need the 'Sharing the Harvest' pattern and it is available on Etsy.  Using the Pumpkin and Star block instructions in the pattern, below are the fabric requirements, and instructions for the inner border and checkerboard to make a 3 star wall runner or 2 star welcome banner.  Of course you can position the pumpkins either way to make a larger banner or smaller runner.  

3 Star 'Sharing the Harvest' Runner 14" x 51"

Background: 5/8 yard
Medium Pumpkin for Pumpkins and Checkerboard: 1/3 yard
Green for Stem/Leaf:  1/8 yard
Black for Star Points and Checkerboard and Binding: 1/2 yard
Gold Star Center and Checkerboard: 1/4 yard

Note:  One pumpkin stem is reversed in both the banner and runner.  Simply follow the pattern instructions reversing the layout of one stem.

Once the pumpkin and star blocks are sewn together, 
Cut (2) 1-1/2" x 9-1/2" background rectangles and sew to the bottom of each pumpkin.  Press towards the rectangle.  
Cut (2) 1" x 47-1/2" background rectangles and sew to each side.  Press towards the rectangle.  

Referring to the purchased pattern measurements and instructions, Cut 1 strip of pumpkin and gold and 2 strips of black to create an alternating checkerboard border.
Lay out the checkerboard according to the diagram above.  Sew the shorter sides first (under each pumpkin). You will need to cut and add in one pumpkin square to one end, and a gold square to the other end.  
Sew the longer checkerboard sides, adding in one black square to each side.

Cut 3-1/2 strips x width of fabric of black for binding. 


2 Star 'Sharing the Harvest' Welcome Banner 14" x 42"

Background: 1/2 yard
Medium Pumpkin for Pumpkins and Checkerboard: 1/3 yard
Green for Stem/Leaf: 1/8 yard
Black for Star Points and Checkerboard and Binding: 1/2 yard
Gold Star Center and Checkerboard: 1/4 yard

Follow the instructions for 3 Star Runner with the exception of the Inner Border and Binding
Cut (2) 1" x 36-1/2" strips and sew to the long sides first.  Press towards the strips.
Cut (2) 1-1/2" x 10-1/2" rectangles and add one below each pumpkin.

Cut 3 black strips x width of fabric of black for binding

I have a helpful Pictorial for creating the stem'll find it in the recent Jack blog post

Sharing The Harvest PDF patterns are now available.  Mailed copies coming later this week.

Here is a look at the pattern cover!

Fall in Love with Sharing the Harvest!  Get your pattern today!


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