October 2, 2020

Great Hack for Trimming Large Blocks!

Easy As Pie is an easy and quick pattern to make!  The big blocks lend themselves to showcase large print fabrics too!  

The Holidays are right around the corner!  Imagine Easy as Pie in Fall or Christmas fabrics.  Great gift idea!  Find Easy as Pie in my Etsy Shop

Below is a Print Friendly Hack for Trimming Large Blocks!  You'll love it!

How to use Print Friendly**  
 Print Friendly and PDF If you would like to use the green 'print friendly' button, i recommend clicking on the Post Title first (so you only print the post you want...and not the entire blog).  
Once the print friendly option is open on your screen, the post can be printed in a number of pages.  You can select just the pages you wish to print.  Page numbers will be listed at the bottom of each page.  You'll want to select 'All' or 'Custom'.  
Only want to print one page?...click 'Custom' and select the desired page number... example:  only want to print page 3?  You'll want to enter 3-3.  Want to print pages 3-6?  The enter 3-6, etc..


  1. Well I've never seen the green "print friendly" button, so I don't know what I'm doing wrong. And I've gone through your instructions about 6 times now and still can't find that green "print friendly" button, :-( (and yet I have seen it on other peoples blogs)

    1. Hi Dorothy, try again and see if it's there. I jumped on my husband's computer to see how my blog post appeared and the green print friendly button show up. If you send me your email, i'm happy to send the pdf to you that way.
      :) ~karen

  2. What a wonderful tutorial! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thanks, Karen. Very clear instructions.



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