December 29, 2017

Hot Cocoa with Friends Freebie!

 Thank you to everyone who encouraged and supported me throughout 2017.  I truly truly appreciate it. 

I pondered a bit on how to show my appreciation and decided to offer Hot Cocoa with Friends mug rug instructions to everyone.  It's a simply pieced cotton Friendship Star with wool applique, a bit of seed beads and embroidered embellishmentsYou'll find a 'print friendly' button at the bottom of this post.  

May your 2018 be filled with lots of Love and Quilting Friends!  
My best to everyone and a Very Happy New Year!

Laugh yourself into Stitches*
Hot Cocoa with Friends

Each measure 6-1/2” x 11-1/2”

Materials: 1/2 yard for background and backing fabric; 1/3 yard for star points and binding;
 scraps of wool, pearl cotton, silk thread, iridescent seed beads, lightweight HeatnBond and batting scraps. 

Hot Cocoa Mug and Cup Blocks
1.       Cut a piece of background fabric 5-1/2” x 6-1/2”.   (5-1/2” wide, 6-1/2” tall)
2.        Trace cup and mug, hot cocoas and candy stick onto the paper side of HeatnBond. 
3.       Cut out images leaving about a 1/2" margin around the drawings.
4.       Follow directions on the HeatnBond package and press the images onto the desired pieces of wool.  Cut them out on the drawn lines.
5.       Peel off the HeatnBond and position each wool piece.  No need to overlap the wool. It will nestle right up the each other.
6.       Trace whip cream onto light weight paper and pin to batting.  Cut out on drawn line.
7.       Secure whip cream with a dot of glue.
8.       Whip stitch all wool pieces into place using pearl cotton and silk thread for the whip cream.
9.       With a white pencil (I like Sewline) freehand the steam. Using a stem stitch, embroider steam where desired.
10.   Add iridescent seed beads to whip cream and candy stick using silk thread.

 Create Two Friendship Star Blocks …each measuring 6-1/2” unfinished
1.       Cut a 5-3/4” square from the red and white fabric
2.       Place a white 5-3/4” square right sides together with a red 5-3/4” square.  Draw two diagonal lines corner to corner on the wrong side of white fabric and stitch ¼” on both sides of each drawn line.

Third and Fourth cuts are on the diagonal drawn lines. 
Yeilds (8) 2-1/2” half square triangles.  4 are needed for each mugrug.

This method is referred to as The Magic 8 method.
If you need a little more help following the Magic 8 method, I have a great tutorial on my blog here:
3.       Cut (10) 2-1/2” squares from red background fabric.
4.        Using 4 half square triangles and 5 solid red 2-1/2” squares, stitch one Friendship block together…repeat for a second block.
5.       Sew one Friendship block to a Hot Cocoa Mug Block and one to a Hot Cocoa Cup Block.
6.       Do some echo quilting, bind and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa with a friend!

Enlarge drawing by 160%

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  1. Thank you for the darling pattern. This will be fun to make for gifts next year (which will be here in the blink of an eye). Happy New Year to you and yours.

  2. Thank you for the patterns and wishing you a healthy and happy new year!



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