October 27, 2015

How to square up fabric yardage...

Earlier this month i wrote a blog post for Craftsy titled,
It covers how i square up fabric yardage before getting busy cutting strips, squares, rectangles and assorted shapes for quilt blocks.

One thing i failed to mention in my Craftsy blog post (and if someone has a thought on this, please do share in the comment section below) many times fabric designs are printed off grain.  This is more commonly found in less expensive fabrics.  However, busy prints, small prints, etc. will tend to hide this imperfection when pieced inside a block. Good quality fabrics will most likely have the designs printed close to 'square' with the fabric grain.  

Learn the importance of Squaring up Fabric Yardage and share my Craftsy post with your quilting friends!  Just click on the blue links above to find it!  

My next Craftsy blog post is coming out on on November 12th.  It's titled, 
Make it Square Part 2: How to Square up Quilt Blocks and Borders.
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  1. What I find frustrating is some plaids that look straight on the top side, when the factory fold is in front of you, but when you unfold the fabric, that other half/side is skewed. Is there any way to straighten that out? Or am I just buying cheap fabric?



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