May 15, 2015

The School Bell Has Rung Sampler Quilt~Along Part 5

Welcome back to the School House!
Today we're stitching all the blocks together that we've learned over the past month.  You can join anytime...Find Part 1 HERE

You should have:
2 Pinwheels 
8 Flying Geese
10 Hour Glass blocks
4 Triple Triangle units

Let's put it together.
Step One:
Sew both Pinwheel blocks together...matching seams and intersections

Step Two:
Sew the yellow and white Geese units side by side, do the same for the yellow and blue Geese.  Stitch the two Flying Geese sections together.  
Repeat with the remaining Flying Geese

Step Three:
Sew the Fly Geese units to each end of the Pinwheel center.
Match seams and intersections

Step Four:
Sew a blue and yellow Hourglass block to either side of a blue, yellow and white Hourglass.  Repeat. 
Sew these Hourglass sections to either side of the Pinwheel/Flying Geese unit.

Step Five:
Sew two Hourglass units together with a Triple Triangle block on each end.  Repeat.
When sewing the Triple Triangle block to an Hourglass, I like to place setting pins close to each corner.  This holds the units together and eliminates shifting.

Step Six:
Sew the Hourglass/Triple Triangle sets to the top and bottom to complete the quilt section.  Match seams and intersections

Step Seven:
Adding the borders
Cut:   2 blue strips 4" x 30-1/2" and attach to each side
         2 blue strips 4" x 32-1/2" and attach to the top and bottom

Quilting is the frosting on the top!  Lots of feathery love going on!!
This is a great size sampler to practice your freehand feathers. 

I hope you learn some, enjoyed your efforts and have something pretty to show!

Thanks for stitching along!


  1. cute! I'm gonna have to go back to the beginning and see about making this.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Mine is finished and waiting for the quilting ideas. Maybe this fall? I love it and the clever instructions for piecing the parts. (Magic 8)....arden



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