July 7, 2014

Our next Farmer! Winner!!! And Class 7 Available Now!

Get out your plow Amy!!  Sharpen up your hoe!!!  *YOU* are going Farming!!!!!
Thanks to Bev for drawing the winner!!

Amy's comment~~with link to her blog

Amy, a redeemed sheepJuly 1, 2014 at 7:45 PM
"I commented earlier on my phone and did not see the part that said one comment was all that was needed, so here I am trying to do this right. *grin* I am following you on Craftsy, IG, and via email.

Color me modern all the way!!

I was so glad to see Jane's review. I am a blogging friend of hers and have been watching her grow her FW quilt. Now I know how she got so brave to give it a go!! I think I can do this now..With your help, of course. Win or not, I will be purchasing your classes. I am so excited!!"

Thank you all for entering!  It's fun to see the enthusiasm growing. 

OH!!  There's a new Facebook group started for those using my instructions. Scheri who lives in Canada started a group called The Modern Farmer's Wife Quilt Along 2014-2015.  Quilters are gathering their fabric choices, getting their books spiral bound and looking forward to September 4th when the quilt along begins.  

Click HERE to visit Scheri's Facebook group...and consider joining!!   

Class 7 is now available! (photo collage compliments of April Buttner)
Instant pdf download purchase options available on
Emailed patterns available through my blog HERE

For more information on how you can start piecing the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilting using these modern methods....click HERE


  1. I am so thrilled!!!! Thank you so very, very much!!

  2. What blocks are in each class? I have already done the first 40 blocks.

    1. Hi Cathy, The blocks are presented with specific skills and methods i introduce along the way. So even if you have 40 blocks completed, chances are they will be scattered through out many of my classes. If you would like to make a lap size quilt using your 40 blocks...you might consider purchasing Class 6. That will add 10 more blocks to your 40 and i include a nice size lap quilt pattern using 48 blocks with that Class. You'll find more information here: http://chezstitches.blogspot.com/2014/05/farmers-wife-quilt-revival-class-6.html

  3. Congratulations Amy!
    From; Scheri Manson

  4. Congratulations Amy! I am so happy for you! Get your tractor ready!



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