February 3, 2013

Build Your Best Log Cabin

I was recently approached by
 and asked to share a review of their Log Cabin Quilt e-book.  Wow!  I'd be delighted! It's called Build Your Best Log Cabin.  
Being a lover of all things primitive, i was intrigued with the history of the Log Cabin designs shared in their e-book. Did you know Log Cabin designs were very popular in the 1860's??  Do you know what a yellow center square or red center square represents?  Fascinating!
The above Log Cabin, constructed with the traditional lights and dark's was made in 1921.
In Build Your Best Log Cabin, 3 most popular Log Cabin settings are represented;  
Traditional, Courthouse Steps and Chevrons.
Antique quilt examples are shown with cutting charts available in a variety of block sizes.  Contemporary patterns based upon these traditional quilt styles are also included.  

Bears in Bertie's Log Cabin created by Ricky Tims exclusively for The Love of Quilting not only includes the pattern instructions but a comprehensive section on the machine quilting technique called Trapunto, used to enhance the pieced quilt.

As a longarm quilter, i love when machine quilting design ideas are included.

 Build Your Best Log Cabin offers all the tools and techniques to design and create your own Log Cabin quilt from start to finish...complete with how to add a narrow piping next to the binding for that perfect final touch.  

Best of all, Fons&Porter are offering Build Your Best Log Cabin for free! To get your 24 page free e-book, click here 
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  Isn't that really what quilters are all about? 

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  1. Wow! You are famous! Approached by Fons and Porter! Woot! I know the center squares represent the fire in the cabin...the heart of the home. How fun! Nice review!

    Cheery wave!

  2. I seem to remember that, during the Civil War, the colour of the inner square had a secret message for the slaves who were trying to escape the South and travelling North. Can't remember which message, though. Other quilt patterns also had secret messages.



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