July 4, 2011

Triple Triangles

For a more current update on this method, i have a new blog post listed for Triple Triangle Method 

The top left and bottom right sections or '4 patch' of this block are made up of  'triple triangles'.
 This technique can be used in making the Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks:
 #27, #28, #51 and #91.
Here's a tutorial on how...
First...create half square triangles

 Press open to create 2 half square triangles 
(which i forgot to take a picture)
 Sew to a rectangle which measures the same width as the half square triangle plus 1" longer than  the half square triangle.
 Press open
 Stitch these two units together like so...

Make one clip almost to the seam
 and press seams in opposite directions.
 click to enlarge photo for a closer look

 Next, line up a 45* line along the outside of the block and draw a stitching line. Do this again to the opposite side.
  Should look like this.  
 Add a second rectangle measuring the same size as the pieced unit. With right sides together stitch directly on the drawn lines.
 Cut a quarter inch beyond stitched line...between the lines
and again, 
 Press open for a 'triple triangle'.  
Block # 27 (Darting Birds) uses a solid square instead of a half square triangle but the method is the same.


  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial....I always do it the hard way, end up with wonky triangles, and am so disappointed in the whole process, I usually end up quitting the project! This is going to make this block so perfect! THANK YOU! You're a doll!

  2. nice triangles....and thank you for that wonderful comment on my feature post....what more could one ask for,eh...

  3. Thank you for this technique !
    I come back soon... Brigitte

  4. Looks easy enough , I will give it a try
    Love the font you use

  5. Thanks for the tip as how to! I will have to try the Best Press too!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, Carolyn....Love your music very relaxing :)

  6. This is still a very meaningful tut. Thanks so much! My brain was hurting trying to figure out an easier way by myself.



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