January 27, 2020

Farmhouse Love quilt ** Final Borders

Farmhouse Love is coming to an end...
but maybe for you...a lovely beginning!

So, that nine patch/setting triangle border from Post 5...Whoa! Glad that is finished!  
It is a bit tricky with all that bias...but again, take it slow and try not to distort the pieces.  Spray starch is your friend as long as you let the pieces dry before you work with them...also a new needle and cleaning under your feed dog plate too! Things go much smoother with just a little bit of maintenance!
I can't get over how much i love this fabric!  It's from Renee Nanneman's collection called Riviera Rose

So now we are onto the final border. 
Side borders are sewn on first, then top and bottom borders.
Once the border is cut to the measurement listed in the instructions....fold the quilt in half and place a pin in the center of the side you will be sewing the border to.  Fold the border in half to find its center. Pin the two centers together .  

Place pins at each end, carefully lining up the raw edges. I always add that second pin at the end of the border.  It keeps the fabric from shifting.
Add additional pins along the entire border.

If you find you have some fullness in the nine patch/setting border, ease it into the final border.  Don't try and stretch the final border to make it fit.  You can always use some steam to draw some of the fullness out of the nine patch/setting border.  If you do this, keep things square...they will look funny if the are skewed.

Once the borders are on...it's time to get it quilted!

I used Hobbs Cotton/Wool blend for batting, Superior Thread and all over edge to edge called P.S. I Love You. 

I chose a thread color the same color as the bees.  I felt it added some visual movement against the black but did not overwhelm the rest of the quilt. 

So there ya have it!  I still need to bind my quilt...and will share photos of it all bound and ready to snuggle under...for some real farmhouse lov'n!

Post Note...binding is on!...check on my most recent post 

Looking for Post 1?  Find it Here  


  1. This is lovely - can't believe I'm only seeing it at the end of the process but thankfully I did. Those nine patches were just the perfect finishing touch.

  2. Thank you, Karen. Another lovely quilt for my bucket list. Love the border you did - stunning.



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