November 12, 2018

Need your help!

I've created a Youtube channel and would like to personalize my url...
Currently my url...or my 'address' is this:

See why i'd like to personalize it?  I'm hoping to have it become this:

But!  I need 100 followers before i can have a personalize YouTube name. And I'm only 16 subscribers away! 
illustration by Christoper Corr

It's also time for me to reorder business cards...and i'm doing what i can to bring more continuity to my social media site names...

I just changed Pinterest to

If you would like to subscribe to my You Tube channel...where i will be adding more and more instructional videos...(and try to loosen up a bit) LOL, click on the highlighted blue link!

Thanks for your help!

Learn, Share, Quilt!


  1. Done :-) I love those black birds and pumpkins too!

  2. Done. Thank you for making this so easy.

  3. I will def subscribe!!!! Loved all the quilts. Each so pretty and different from each other.



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