January 3, 2018

Raking in the New Year with a Huge Farmer's Wife Class Sale!

This photo is compliments of Paula Thompson (aka trout1010 on Instagram)
The blocks are from the 1930's Farm Book, however, the 1920's blocks can easily be substituted.
Gorgeous quilt setting and display Paula!
You Inspire Me!

Recognize this old tattered book?
If you follow me, I'm sure you do!

I started a Facebook group back in 2014 to support quilters using the Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Classes.  Each class converts almost every block from templates into easy rotary cutting methods.

Here's a look back at each Farmer's Wife Facebook Cover Photo

I guess the original 2014 entry did not have a date on it.   

The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt book was published in 2009 and  continues to inspire quilters today.  Click on the blue link to find the book...used ones available for $9.98!

In celebration of my upcoming 59th birthday, i'm having a HUGE (cuz 59 looks like a huge # to me!) sale on all 12 Farm Classes!  Each class is offered through the 25th of January (which happens to be the big 59 day) for $5.94 (originally $8.50 per class) Or one can purchase the entire collection of 12 classes for $59.40 (retail is $99).  Pretty great savings!

Sale is ONLY available on Etsy

Above is a screen shot of my Etsy Shop showing the Complete Farm Set.  But you'll also find listings for each individual class.  Once inside my Etsy Shop, scroll down and find 'ITEMS' on the left side.  There you'll find 13 offerings under Farmer's Wife Classes.

Here's more inspiring pictures...

Same block...two different colorways!

Photo compliments of farmer Christine Orlando

Photo compliments of  farmer Alison Wicka

Photo compliments of farmer April Buttner

photo compliments of farmer Carol Mayer

Quilt made by farmer Bev Bryon 
(aka BlossomandBev on Instagram)

photo compliments of farmer Bev Bryon. 
 This pattern using 25 blocks is available in Class 3.

Another fine finish made by farmer Bev Byron 
This quilt pattern using 48 blocks and is found in Class 6

photo compliments of my farm dog Lucky. 
Miss my sweet little lucky boy so much.
Table runner pattern using 10 blocks is available in Class 2

a fabulous farm finish by farmer Maria Naito 
photo compliments of Maria

I hope that was plenty of photos to inspire a new beginning, or a start for setting goals ~~ like dusting off your stack of farm blocks and continue to plow! 
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Happy Farming in 2018!!

Learn, Share, Quilt!

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