December 5, 2016

How much fabric do i need to make the Farmer's Wife Sampler quilt?

Many quilters ask this question of me...How much fabric will i need?  Since this is a scrappy quilt, it's hard to pin down the exact amounts for all 111 blocks. 

I created the pdf (below) where I share thoughts on
'my questimated' fabric requirements as well as what type of pre-cuts may or may not work.  
I think you should be able to download this pdf and print it off if you like.  If not, join our Farmer's Wife Facebook'll find it under the files tab.

Place your curser in the top right hand corner of the pdf insert below and click on the arrow for a full view (it's 2 pages), or use the bar on the right to scroll down.  Zoom in too!

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On another note...
In the back of the Farmer's Wife Sample quilt book by Laurie Aaron Hird, there are fabric requirements for the border, sashing, cornerstones, and setting triangles.  However, most of  those requirements use the same fabric and are lumped together in one large fabric amount.  

In my Farmer's Wife Revival Class 10, i list separate fabric allowances for each, making it easy for quilters to use different fabrics if they choose to do so.

Here's the book i'm talking about.  If you have it, dust it off and take another look.

My Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Classes use modern rotary cutting and piecing methods!  

The block below called Attic Window is...SUPER EASY!! 

Using my class methods, here's a look at how easy it is! easy was that?

If you click on the blue links in this post, they will take to other areas in my blog with more information or to my Farmer's Wife Facebook page. 
Don't forget to take a look a the pdf above!  
Happy Farming!

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  1. having bought your classes in 2014 I plan to finally attack this quilt in the new year, have been waiting as was new to quilting and want to do it justice Must join the facebook page now that I am about to start on this massive project.
    I have told myself not to sign up for BOMs in 2017 but fear I will not be able to resist one or two.



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