September 17, 2016

Photo Shoot

Spent the late afternoon at Cindy's taking photos...she has the best props!!  Thank you my friend!  ...for the m&m's...  

Cinderella Pumpkin Wall Hanging 

Cinderella Pumpkin Pattern comes in 2 versions!

Indian Summer Quilt

Who doesn't love an Indian Summer!  Ahhhh!

I'm making a second Indian Summer quilt using darker, more primitive colors and fabrics.  LOVE!

RedWing Blackbird Quilt Pattern

Going to the NW Quilting Expo next week?  RedWing Blackbirds and the brown version of Cinderella Pumpkins will be hanging in the Momma Made It quilt booth.  They'll have patterns and kits available!  Stop by!  :)

Pie Birds Hot Pads
 I think i had the most fun photographing these!...i call this one   The Impostors 

 Pour me some more pumpkin and crow please....

You'll find purchase options for these Fall Quilt more!  Just click on My Patterns    Thank you!  :) ~karen


  1. very nice photos, props, and projects!!

  2. beautiful quilts and fabulous photo's!

  3. your picture posing rivals your quilting abilities. Love them all.

  4. Wow, Cindy's props are wonderful and fit in so well with your quilts. Gorgeous!

  5. Those are beautiful pictures. You have done a great job on showcasing those delightful quilts!

  6. Great photo shoot! Love the "imposters".

  7. Thanks for sharing the photos of all those great quilts. What a showcasing!



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