September 3, 2016

Fall Line Up!

I love fall quilts the best!  I don't know if it's the colors (which i suspect) or just the changing of the seasons...

My very first pattern released in August 2013, has been my best seller.  As my son coined "One Hit Wonder"!  hee hee brat...

The next two pictures are last years' pattern.
 I absolutely LOVE this pattern!  Cinderella Pumpkins are my favs!

This year i have put the pedal (sewing pedal) into over drive with the next 3 patterns

and two versions of this hot pad or mug rug pattern called

A bit crazy with the bird theme...

Then i offer some fun Fall freebies...found in Craftsy Pattern Store only.  Etsy and my blog, don't offer the ability for instant free if you'd like copies of these freebies...head to my Craftsy store!

Freebie Tea Stained Sunflower pictorial
This photo was taken by my cousin Diane who made gigantic Tea Stained Sunflowers for her entryway!

Freebie Just Jack and Just Joey pillows

Freebie Candy Corn Pumpkins Table Runner

Lastly, Freebie Candy Corn Pinwheels. 
Made using pieced scraps from the above Candy Corn Pumpkin pattern!   Waste not!  

Oh but there's more!   I'm writing instructions for my newest pattern Indian Summer!  Hopefully it will be listed later next week....stay tuned!

Thanks for supporting my little business!  I truly appreciate it!
Happy Fall Quilting!     ~karen


  1. I need a fall quilt. I can't wait to see your new one Indian Summer. It looks amazing.

  2. I just bought four of your patterns yesterday, Poppa's Tree Farm, Redwing Blackbirds, And So it Crows, and the Pie Birds. I will be back for your Indian Summer :-)

    1. Hi Dorothy! I hope you see this message...your comment is set as a 'no reply' so when i tried to email you a thank you...i could not. :/
      So...thank you sooo very much for your love of birds! Lol. Enjoy the patterns. In Oregon we can have wonderful September Indian Summers and I just love it! My inspiration! :)

  3. Your fall quilts are gorgeous. Love your Cinderella Pumpkins and I'll be waiting to see Indian Summer. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the sunflower (3D) pattern - so cute; love how you displayed them. AND SO IT CROWS is my favorite quilt; I will keep it in mind for later.

  5. The things I enjoy about autumn are the golden light of late afternoons and the rising ground fog that starts coming on in the evenings here in the very north of the Pacific NW Washington.

    Your designs bring to mind all the warm and cozy feelings of the approaching season! I love your And So It Crows quilt is definitely on my todo list!

  6. I just love Fall and fall colors too. The birds, and cinderella pumpkins are adorable. Just right up my alley. Good job!LeeAnna

  7. Your fall patterns are all delightful Karen. And I love them because they're fall, and not Halloween! Congrats on your continued success!!!

  8. Your first fall quilt is exceptional!! Really love it. The other ones are great too, but I think the matching of the fabrics and colours in the first one really stands out.



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