February 19, 2016

Practice, Practice, Practice...

I've not done feathered rings or wreaths much and thought i should do a bit of practicing before i stitch these into my client's quilt.

 I won't be using a contrasting thread on the 'real quilt'...but i do find this practice piece fun and telling!  The contrasting thread jumps out and tells me where improvements are needed.  

The two feathered circles in front, in my opinion, need a bit of rework....the forward circle is not bad...but i think the feathers are a bit too long and skinny.  The next circle, too fat and not spaced well.
 However...sometimes the beauty of free motion, free hand quilting, IS in the imperfections, void of the computerized perfection. 

The larger circle in the back lacks an inner feathered circle...instead i did a simple spiral.  

If you find yourself not happy with your free motion ability, keep practicing!  Never give up!  Or simply change it up!

Learn, Share, Quilt!



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