January 18, 2016

Quilt While You're Ahead

Oh to live here....with you Holly!
My childhood friend and incredible artist is bringing my love of quilts into her paintings.  
Later this week we will be together, pairing our passion of color, art, fabrics and design.
Holly's description of her recent painting is below.  
She calls me a 'Quilting Queen' Lol.  Our history goes deep, sharing laughter and sorrows for 50+ years.
Artist's description:
I started this piece several months ago, based on/ after returning from Cambria, on California's central coast... The actual Cottage I referenced had been turned into an Inn for youthful wanderers, and the Clothesline stretched out, decorated with bright Tie-Diyed Tshirts.... I recently sold here, a painting of a Clothesline strewn with patchwork Lingerie made up of Vintage Hankies.... After doing that one, I had intended to do another with actual Patchwork Quilts.... So picking back up with this painting, it was the perfect time and Vibe to showcase some quilts.... As I painted I was also in a most nostalgic mood, over the fact the I will be heading this week to the Town where I was born, near Portland Oregon. There I will pass time with a dear friend since birth who is a Quilting Queen. Teaching, writing, blogging, and designing are areas where she has gained worldwide recognition... So; there you have it... Decidedly "Americana" in feel, I would never have been able to foresee a year ago, that something like this image would end up on a canvas of mine... But there you go... Inspiration can sometimes surprise me, coming seemingly out of left field... Or at least from a field with Quilts Strung across a Clothesline...
A few years ago Holly and I created an embroidery piece called May Day Baskets...see pictures and pattern on this past blog post!

Follow Holly on Facebook  Her work is incredible!


  1. Great painting with the quilts on the line. I love cottages. Have fun together!

  2. This painting is stunning. I love the colors and the details in the picture. May you have a great time full of laughter and fun.

  3. I love the painting. The art style that speaks to me.

  4. wow one amazing artist, loving your embroidery too. Have fun with your friend

  5. What a fun happy painting. Just makes me smile.



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