May 1, 2014

Happy Mayday!...and winner!

Recently i introduced a new line of embroidery images...Mayday Baskets full of beautiful flowers!  See my blog post HERE
Together with my childhood friend Holly Wojahn, we are now offering this collection of flower baskets in a new pillow pattern called...Mayday Flower Baskets!  The pattern includes all 4 flower basket embroidery images with clear instructions on how to turn those baskets into this adorable pillow.  
Brighten up your home by displaying this pillow on your front porch, window seat or bed.  You can easily turn this pillow pattern into 4 individual pillows too!  Cute! Cute! Cute!

You'll find our new ChezStitchery pillow pattern HERE

Oh...remember in my recent post there was going to be a surprise drawing for following our new Craftsy Pattern Store, ChezStitchery?
 The winner of the drawing is Scrapperdeb of Mountain Musings.
Deb...i'll be emailing you our new Mayday Flower Basket pillow pattern!
Get your Mayday Flower Basket pillow pattern today @ ChezStitcherys!

On another note....
the Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Class 5 will be available May 3rd


  1. Just lovely!!
    Another winner!

  2. Thank you so much, Karen!!! I'm delighted! My husband purchased your Christmas Tree Farm pattern for me as a Christmas gift....I love your work! And I've debated signing up for the Farmers Wife Revival class....seems like it would surely help me get through my book! Thanks again!

  3. Squeeel!!!! I LOVE those blocks! The pillow you made is gorgeous! It looks like a vintage piece! I've just started embroidery lately and have been wondering how people quilt it. I haven't seen very many pieces where people quilt around the embroidery and thought, well, maybe it doesn't look good but yours is amazing! Wow! Love these! You guys are so talented!

  4. Hey what a cool design! I love the long pillow! Here's to more designs.

  5. a lovely design and can be used in so many places



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