January 27, 2016

Did you get your Free January Farmer's Wife Class yet?

If you are thinking about...or currently plowing your way through the 1920's Farmer's Wife Sampler quilt...don't miss out on your Free January Class!  

Christine Orlando started her farm using my modern quilting methods.  She is now cleaning her tractor and headed for the barn.  
Job well done Christine!!!

A little glimpse into her Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival journey

 We love collages on our Farmer's Wife Facebook page!  Above is Christine's Class 11 and below is a collage of a collage of her classes 1 through 7.  
If you've not joined us on Facebook...look what you are missing!!

Christine has taken her stack of farm blocks....

 turning them into this....

with her amazing longarming talent...

and now has this amazing quilt!
Christine,  I love seeing your quilt in the black, red and white color pallet, frosted with your amazing longarming ability!!
(All photos are property of Christine Orlando)

Inspired?  Ready to begin your farm journey?? 
Click on the Free January Class for details. 
 Offer ends January 31st!


  1. Thank you Karen for your amazing lessons and encouragement along the way. I will treasure this quilt and the journey we took together.

  2. Christine, your blocks, quilt and quilting are absolutely stunning!! I can only hope mine are half so good by the end of the project!!



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