January 1, 2016

Ringing in 2016 with a FREE Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Class!

Yes!  You read that correctly!!  Purchase Class One and receive Class 2 for FREE!  OR...Purchase your next class and i'll send you the following class no charge!  This offer is good for the entire month of January!!  (one free class per farm wive offered)

Here's what my farming looked like in 2015.
I continued to piece (what i call) The Blue Farm Collection. 
Started in 2014 and have a total of 68 completed.  

Many have asked if i will offer similar classes for the new 1930's Farmer's Wife book. The author included paper piecing templates for each block and rotary cutting measurements for many.  It is a beautiful book and doing another set of classes is not in my future.
However, using 30's prints with blocks from the 1920's Farmer's Wife Sampler book = same great look!
Here's my (2015) 30's flimsy, finished with a total of (20) 1920's blocks. Quilt measures approximately 53" x 60" with borders.
It's on my longarm now...

The quilt above is set similar to the table runner pattern offered in The Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Class 2.  I decided to use 'my runner' for a little cafe type curtain in our vacation rental home we call~
Our little Lucky boy passed away last December...i'm still terribly heart broken

Oh and btw...Lucky's get~away is a great place to bring a group of quilters!  I have it set up with tables, chairs, ironing boards, irons, power strips, cutting table, cutting mats, long acrylic rulers, design wall.... just say'n!  Click on the link above for more pictures and details! (and no...i did not pick out that pink tile! gah!...but it's clean!! L0L)

Okay...back to the Free Class! 
i'm like a squirrel... 
You'll find purchase options on My Patterns link at the top of my blog. 
Today through January 31, 2016 ~ you will receive one free Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival class with your first purchase only.  (This offer is good for one free class regardless of how many classes a farm wife orders in January)

I will do my best to email the free class to you as soon as possible.  If a couple days go by and you have not received it...please email me with your purchase information. chezstitches@gmail.com
 Whether you purchase directly through my blog, Craftsy or Etsy, make sure your email address is correct. If you have the option of including a message with your purchase...please do so, and add in your email again.  Just to be on the safe side.  

Happy Farming in 2016!!  

From Lucy and Me!!
my first attempt at an overlay....LOL


  1. Happy New Year Karen! I love the 30's quilt, so fresh and pretty. I am dreaming and hoping to win Lotto so I can come to one of your retreats! That cabin is AMAZING! Thinking of you with the loss of your sweet dog. I was doing some dusting and dusting my framed photo of our Rhodesian Ridgeback who we had to have put down 12 years ago, I shed a tear or two dusting her photo. The special furry friends stay with us always! Hugs from your long arm quilting friend in New Zealand!

  2. The runner as a curtain, cute. Also, the quilt is pretty. Will be buying a class, thank you.

  3. I have class 1 and 2. I just ordered class 3. So, I will receive class 4 free?

    1. Hi Patsy! Yes, thank you...I'll send Class 4 to you right away. :)

  4. I'll try to get a shout out on Fingertip Shopping, this coming week, to help increase awareness of your sale.


    PS - I'm finding it really easy to follow you via http://mycreativebloglist.blogspot.com/, although I still follow you via a variety of tools.

  5. May I have class 8

    1. Thank you Janet!...I'll send class 8 right away. :)

    2. I haven't gotten it should I be worried?

    3. Hi Janet, i sent it yesterday...oh, i sent it to a yahoo email associated with your purchase. I resent it to gmail. :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I plan to make the quilt this year as I bought all the lessons from you last year or maybe 2014!It is top of the list of to do`s along with Women of the Bible and the Farm Girl Vintage quilt so have told myself no signing up for more projects but will I be able to resist?! Also have 9 flimsies but still not mastered the quilting process

  8. Oh Karen, you are so good at enabling! My New Year's Resolution was to get back to the farm, so thanks so much for the free class!


    1. Always willing to help Barbara! Lol Great to see your name again! Happy Farming...Class 11 coming your way! :)

  9. I'm hoping to get back to farming soon. I have a baby quilt to finish - our 10th grandbaby is due next week and the quilt is only 'begun'! I did just purchase Class 6 through Craftsy but don't know if that will qualify me for a free class or not. You have been so generous in the past that I feel a bit sheepish thinking you're offering me another free class. But if I qualify, I am at flmeyers at ImOnMail dot com.
    Love that quilting on the 1920s blocks - genius to use the circles and then add the feathers - outstanding!

    1. Hi Linda! Congratulations on your growing family!!! Of course you qualify!! No sheepish sheep on this farm! :)
      I'll be sending class 7 your way! :)



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