September 9, 2014

Keep'n it real...

This pretty little Farmer's Wife block called Country Path 
has had Susan...pulling her hair out! The instructions to make this block can be found in my Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Class 8.  

I hope Susan has some hair left...she found an error in the cutting measurements. Tried as she might to make it all fit together...she figure out where the mistake was made and brought it to my attention.

The small squares encircling the center square should be cut to 1-9/16" instead of 1-5/8".  Such a slight slight different in size...yet so critical.  I have corrected the instructions for those who purchased through Craftsy a notice will be send via email....

Pencil in this correction on your pattern now.  It is block #24, Country Path...from Class 8.
Thank you are my best critic!  I appreciate you!  


  1. Gorgeous block and lovely fabric!

  2. Are you kidding me? 1 9/16th? What? What? I suggest a blog post showing just how to cut 9/16! Or is that in class material I haven't read yet? Where is that on my ruler? How did those wives on the farm in the olden days do that?

    "9/16", she mutters as she looks at her ruler with a magnifying glass....

    1. ha ha ha...Bev! i have a blog post on cutting 16th's...not too hard, really! Remember, those wives on the farm in the olden days...hand pieced! :)



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