August 13, 2014

Count Down!!

The Modern Farmer's Wife Facebook Group is counting down the days!!  

The Modern Farmer's Wife Quilt A long Facebook Group was established by Scheri Manson specifically for those using my Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Classes.  Over 300 members to date!

The Facebook Quilt Along begins September 4th!  
But...there's a lot happening on this Facebook group in the next couple weeks!
Links to free Craftsy classes and tips on getting your farm ready! 

Join HERE today!

but not sure you can tackle The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt?
Photo is a beautiful lap size FW quilt made by Bev   Pattern included in Class 6
Read what quilters are saying about my classes HERE

What are you waiting for??

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for showing my quilt again. I didn't know they made type that I'm going to join the group and make another FW! Your classes make it so easy and fun! XO



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