April 26, 2014

Behind the scenes of a longarmer

Do you send your quilts to a longarmer?  Are you a longarmer?  I'm writing a series of blog posts for Craftsy on longarm quilting.  Two have been published with three more on the way within the next month or so.

This is what you can expect in my longarm series:

1.  Preparing a quilt for longarm quilting.
     This is an important step to ensure your quilt loads well onto a longarm machine, keeping your longarmer happy.  

2.  How to load a quilt onto a longarm machine.
     A behind the scene look at loading a quilt.  Having read Step 1, you'll see the importance of preparing a quilt properly. 

3.  How should I quilt my quilt?
     How do you and your longarmer decide on design and threads choices? This post will give you some great quilting options to consider.

4. Stitching the binding using a longarm machine.
    Did you know your longarmer can do this for you?  Discover how this is done on a longarm machine

5.  Is longarming for you?
     This topic gives you ideas to consider if you are thinking of purchasing a longarm for personal use or starting your own business.

Click HERE to find all my blog posts on Craftsy as well as the first two installments in my longarm series.

When you visit my posts...let me know if you find the information helpful.  I appreciate the feedback and so does Craftsy.  :)  


  1. As a new long arm quilter I appreciate your time in creating this series and am on my way to check out your posts! Thank you ahead of time for sharing your experiences and knowledge!! V

  2. That's a lot of writing work, gal! Great topics, though...if a quilt is a manageable enough size, I free-motion my own (I have a Janome 6500 with a big bed on it)...otherwise, I send out for the big stuff. Hope your weekend is smashing!

  3. Karen I thought your Craftsy posts were wonderful! Lovely of you to share your knowledge. Best wishes.

  4. I really like the log cabin quilt that you show. The colors have such a masculine look.

  5. I am sure this will be helpful for many. I hand quilt but I love to send my quilts to a longarmer to have her baste it especially large ones. It is great.

  6. pretty nice blog, following :)



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