January 17, 2014

Great Grandma's quilt

A box arrived from Massachusetts to my door step in Oregon this week. 
 Inside was a quilt made by my great grandmother. 
 Tattered and torn...a 'cutter quilt' one would call it today.
All hand pieced and tied.  
It's a beautiful sunny day near Mt. Hood where i live. 
 I draped the quilt over the back railing to take some photos, documenting it forever.
Should i cut it up?  Should i try to mend it? 
 I really don't like the idea of mending it with 'look-a-like' fabrics from today.  
If i do mend it...i'll do what i can...and that will have to do. 
 Or...cut it up into some fun items to share.
It's pretty rough...i suppose that means it was well loved.

 Look how nicely all the squares match up...
well, the ones that aren't torn.  lol
 How did my great grandma know bunnies are my favorite??


  1. How great to have that link to your great-grandmother.

    I'm fortunate to have some knitting needles, a tape measure and a pearl handle letter opener from mine and some sterling silver teaspoons in a cloth lined tin and a small Delft vase from my grandmother via my mom. The teaspoon tin has a note for my mom and also one for me.

    Treasure the memories. If you cut it frame some it with maybe some sewing items of hers if you have any.

  2. I have a few of these.. I am making some charm pillows for the Great, great, great grandkids.. the work done is so fabulous..

  3. What a wonderful old quilt, the workmanship is lovely. I would be in the same position as you, what to do with it. I think you should contact your quilt guild, I'm not sure who that is in your area, but I'm sure they would be helpful. I'm in Australia and we have a National Guild we contact for advice. You are so lucky to have this piece of your great grand mother. Best wishes, Wendy

  4. It looks like your ggm was a fine sewist. Such a lovely quilt. I don't know how small you are thinking to share it. Perhaps there are big enough areas you could still preserve part of it for your bed to display it, maybe a runner across the bottom. I agree, not to fix it with today's fabrics, they won't have the same softness or colours. As Sandi said, to maybe frame parts of it for other family members to see,too. I'm sure you'll come to the right decision.

  5. I'll bet bunnies were her favorite, too! How sweet to know you had that in common! And what a beautiful quilt. I think I would do a bit of fixing, and fold it over a chair or rack, to show the best parts. And maybe a label (if there isn't one) to document it's journey!

    Thanks for sharing this beauty with us!

  6. Lovely to have such a nice quilt from your great grandmother. I like the idea of framing a piece. That will be protected and survive a long time.

  7. That is so beautiful and a piece of family history. I could never cut that up if it was mine. I passed a furniture shop in our town one day and noticed a large crazy patchwork quilt hanging on the wall. I thought it was for sale so I went in to ask how much it was. The lady told me it was a family heirloom that was approx 100 years old. Why not just mend it the best you can and then display it on a wall of your home.

  8. Karen that is so cool!!! I know whatever you do with it, it will turn out beautiful!! You are very talented my Friend!!

  9. That's amazing! She did a great job! I'm kind of sentimental about old quilts. I like to leave them alone. Every stain and tear was part of the history of the quilt. My great grandmother was a quilter too but none of her quilts survived my mother who had no appreciation for "old" things. Anyway, it's a beautiful quilt that couldn't have found a better curator. XO

  10. I'm jealous -- what a treasure...



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