June 15, 2012

Working on Mary's quilt today...I've stitched around the three layers of applique, now wondering if I should leave the inside of circle without any quilting or add a background texture?


  1. It looks really nice as it is but if you did add the extra background quilting it would really make the applique POP off the background!!
    I guess it all depends on the look your client prefers.

  2. I love it just as you've left it, but I would probably love it filled in, too!

  3. I think some pebbles or a very small stipple would look very nice in the background. Really make the applique stand out. Lovely quilt. I love what you've done so far.

  4. That is an adorable quilt and your quilting looks great on it. I am sure whatever you decide will work out perfectly.



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